What We Do

Omnislash is a production studio that creates live game streams, news and talk shows, highlight videos, guides, and other content covering the world of competitive gaming. Our team of streamers grows devoted audiences through high-quality daily content they create individually and in collaboration with the Omnislash studio. We provide brands with authentic ways to reach these audiences through custom sponsorships and branded content.

How We Do It


Omnislash streamers are the core of our daily content and creative vision. We give them financial support, broad exposure, and help them build their personal brand as they entertain and educate their loyal audiences.


By bringing together talented streamers and producers we expand our content, grow our audience, and build the Omnislash brand into the most distinctive voice in eSports today.


Through Omnislash, brands have access to trusted streamers and their loyal audiences, bringing them a coveted demographic almost impossible to reach through traditional means.

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